I’ve been working out with CrossFit McAlester four days a week, for the last two months. I have a rare form of diabetes called MODY-3 along with some funky insulin resistance (thanks, genetics!). Many mornings for the past 20 years of my life, even with medication, I’d wake up with very high blood sugars. After working out at CrossFit for a little over a month, i began to see blood sugars regularly in normal ranges! I still have to take meds, because of my type, but my numbers are closing in on normal ranges for the first time in forever!

Say what you want about CrossFit, but for me it has been nothing less than an answer to prayer. Seriously. At first I was worried about a wonky knee, but even that is strengthening up and feeling much better. FYI I typed that sentence after about 200 air squats at 5AM this morning.  If you’re interested in checking things out, I can vouch for the 5AM and 6AM classes with Coach Clark and I know the other classes and coaches are incredible as well!

I’m deeply grateful to God for the blessing of better health now than I had in my 20s and for the friends and family (shout out to my wife Nanci and daughter Emma who come to CrossFit with me) who have been working out, busting their tails right by my side, on this journey to good health!

- Matt Judkins

“No es cómo te ves, es cómo te sientes”… y a mis 36 años jamás me había sentido mejor, fuerte, saludable y con más energía, CrossFit no es una simple rutina de ejercicio, es un estilo de vida, un hábito convertido en disciplina. Me encanta que CrossFit es para todos, no importa su condición física, peso, habilidades, siempre hay un movimiento que se puede adaptar a cada persona. “Nunca es tarde para cambiar tu estilo de vida”… ven y sé parte de nuestra comunidad, yo súper recomiendo CrossFit McAlester para todos.

- Maricela López

Colin Lester is a 12-year old 7th grader who enjoys CrossFit, football, and basketball. He has been doing CrossFit for over 1½ years. Since he has been doing CrossFit he has lost 30 pounds and has become a better athlete. He believes that people should do CrossFit so that they can lose weight, become stronger, and become healthier. He said that he feels “awesome” when he does well on a WOD. He also thinks the coaches are “awesome” because
they are helpful.

- Colin Lester

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