Welcome to the CrossFit McAlester Newsletter……#10

Welcome to the CrossFit McAlester Newsletter……#10!!!

Hello? It’s ME. Have you been wondering where your local CrossFit newsletter has been hiding? Busy would be an understatement for us at CrossFit McAlester as well have been hustling and bustling with Murph Memorial Workouts (great success), Fundraiser and 5k run for Parkinson’s (thanks to Larry and Denise Lewis for organizing and raising awareness). And we have other amazing events in the works. Keep your head on a swivel, and we’ll keep you informed on more upcoming information about The Box at CFMC.


Many of us have children, ninos, rugrats, that bring happiness and joy to all areas of our lives. However, at the CrossFit McAlester Box, our children are sometimes in danger when plates, kettlebells, and snapping mobility bands are moving exceptionally fast through the air.

We never want our children in danger of injury, so to review our policy on childcare is important. We do not have a monitor, human or video, watching your kiddoes in the office/play area. All children under 13 years of age are not allowed in the workout area. If a child under 13 enters the workout area, especially during WOD when risk of injury is greater, parent, guardian, care-giver must stop WOD immediately and assist their child in need.

We want to continue to deliver an amazing, dedicated, workout experience! Please help us in this endeavor at CFMC!


A continuing discussion at the box always has a few lines that pop often. “I’m so close.” Or “I almost had it.” Or “I just need to get a little lower” Or “Are those the Met Con 3’s” Or “I’m not as strong as I want to be”.

This last zinger is from the CrossFit Journal titled “CONSISTENCY BEFORE INTENSITY”. This article chronicles all the impassioned, yet negative results that follow from worshiping the intensity Gods, instead of praying to the meek consistency Gods. The latter favors steadiness, uniformity, evenness, regularity, and stability. Get the drift?

So please read the above article and as a Box lets continue to band together and push each other for consistency in showing up, signing in to Wodify, calling someone if you didn’t see them in class, call someone that you think may need consistency in their life, and lets continue to grow and master our physical, mental and spiritual selves.


This PYRAMID is more important that any others, even more than the ones in Cairo or Giza. This simple 3-sided life changer organizes Nutrition, Met Con, Gymnastics, weightlifting, and sport from most to least important, one building on top of the other. With Nutrition at the base, let’s take a look at what Dr. Lewis has to share.


Attached is a weekly food prepping article that Dr. Larry Lewis has so graciously shared with us titled “Eat to Lose Your Gut”. Amen Dr. Lewis! This is weekly recipes, meal prep strategies, weekly grocery list, and more. Enjoy!!



If you have a friend wanting to join, please share our current CFMC promotion-

BUY 2 MONTHS GET ONE FREE. Get it? That’s 3 months for the price of 2!

Still don’t have it? 30 days can be totally free, if you sign up for 3 months at CrossFit McAlester.

Fly fly…..Share the news!